A Ceramic Earthenware, Stoneware & Porcelain Supplier
We offer a complete line of Ceramic Products for the low and high fire ceramist.
Check our class page for classes in both.


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Duncan Fired Colors

Antique Glazes   Art Glazes   Concepts   Courtyard Art Glazes  Cover Coats   Crystals & Crackles 
Crystal-tone Glazes   Envision Glazes  E-Z Strokes  French Dimensions   Gallery Opaque Glazes  Gloss Glazes   
High Fire Glazes & Tints   Over-Glazes   Red Coat Underglazes  River Rock Glazes
Sand Stars Textured Glazes   Satin Glazes
  Specialty Products   Stonewashed Glazes  

Duncan Non-Fired Colors
  Granite Stones  Oil-Based Translucent   Opaque Stains   Pearl Stains   
Sparklers - Brush on Glitters
   Ultra-Metallic Stains   Water Based Antiquing Gels

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